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Hills Program Launches Professor Michael Johnston’s Book on Anti-Corruption Strategies

Posted: 2010-11-15
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anti-corruption-book-launch_photo01.jpgLast November 8, 2010, the Hills Program on Governance of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), together with The Asia Foundation, launched a book entitled, Political and Social Foundations for Reform: Anti-Corruption Strategies for the Philippines, by Professor Michael Johnston. Prof. Johnston is professor of Political Science at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York and is the winner of the 2009 Grawmeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order for his book, Syndromes of Corruption: Wealth, Power and Democracy. In 2008, Ethisphere, an international think-tank, ranked Professor Johnston 36th on its list of the 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics.

The book was launched at AIM Makati. Washington SyCip, Chairman Emeritus of AIM, gave the welcome remarks. Sec. Florencio “Butch” Abad of the Department of Budget of Management was the keynote speaker and Marites Vitug, Managing Editor of Newsbreak and Founder of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, was a reactor. Prof. Johnston, who was linked in by video conference, gave a presentation on his book. Steven Rood, Country Representative of The Asia Foundation gave the closing remarks. The book is the result of Prof. Johnston’s two visits to Manila, during which he met with business leaders, government officials, academics and civil society representatives who provided him with insights on the governance situation in the country.

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Click here to download a copy of Michael Johnston’s book, Political and Social Foundations for Reform: Anti-Corruption Strategies for the Philippines
Click here to download a copy of the welcome remarks by Washington SyCip
Click here to download a copy of Sec. Butch Abad’s Speech
Click here to view videos related to the event.

anti-corruption-book-launch_photo02.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo03.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo04.jpg
AIM Chairman Emeritus Washington SyCip delivers welcome remarks Introduction of Guest Speaker Edilberto de Jesύs President and Dean Asian Institute of Management
anti-corruption-book-launch_photo05.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo06.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo07.jpg
AIM President Edilberto de Jesύs Guest Speaker Secretary Florencio "Butch" Abad Department of Budget and Management
anti-corruption-book-launch_photo08.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo09.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo10.jpg
Reactor Marites Vitug Managing Editor, Newsbreak Steven Rood, The Asia Foundation
anti-corruption-book-launch_photo11.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo12.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo13.jpg
Steven Rood Steven Rood of The Asia Foundation, AIM President Edilberto de Jesus, AIM Chairman Jose L. Cuisia, Jr., Glenn May of University of Oregon and Mar Gatus of Drake Beam Moris - Philippines Steven Rood, AIM Chairman Emeritus Washington SyCip, Robert Sears of American Chamber of Commerce and Gabriella Quimson of Center for Asian Integrity
anti-corruption-book-launch_photo14.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo15.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo16.jpg
Robert Sears, Ky Johnson of The Asia Foundation, Marites Vitug of Newsbreak and Edilberto de Jesus Glenn May with John Forbes and Robert Sears of the American Chamber of Commerce Attendees of the Michael Johnston book launch
anti-corruption-book-launch_photo17.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo18.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo19.jpg
anti-corruption-book-launch_photo20.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo21.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo22.jpg
Maribel Buenaobra and Jerryll Reyes of The Asia Foundation with Tanya Hamada of INCITEGov and Heidi Mendoza of Asian Development Bank Top to Bottom L-R: Dina Paterno of AIM SF Donor Relations, Prof. Federico Macaranas of AIM, Marites Vitug, Angela G. Garcia, Executive Director of the RVR – C.V. Starr Center and John Forbes Executive Director Angela G. Garcia
anti-corruption-book-launch_photo23.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo24.jpg anti-corruption-book-launch_photo25.jpg
Executive Director Angela G. Garcia introducing reactor, Ms, Marites Vitug Mr. Washington SyCip Dr. Gert Gust of ILO Association of the Philippines, Prof. Poch Macaranas, John Forbes and Sec. Abad.



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