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Posted: 2011-01-21
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January 21, 2011


A national daily yesterday carried a one-page announcement headed “Businesses Fighting Corruption” that included a list of 343 entities said to be signatories and supporters of the drive spearheaded by a program of the Asian Institute of Management.

The project named HILLS Program of Governance actually consists of an Integrity Pledge in coordination with the Makati Business Club, the Management Association of the Philippines, the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, and the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines. It introduces itself as part of a national campaign to fight corruption and promote ethical business practices in the private sector.

As also listed in the announcement, the signatories have agreed to adopt and foster practices that would start the cleansing of businesses in the country and, who knows, eventually involve more and more, from the biggest and most successful to the smallest sari-sari store, and down to the ambulant peddlers and sidewalk vendors.

This is because the pledges include such idealistic impositions as guide towards ethical behavior, like, to enter into integrity agreements with other businesses and government agencies, to conduct ethics trainings programs for their employees;

To refrain from having business dealings with those have demonstrated unethical practices; to support a nationwide initiative to create fair market conditions and transparency in transactions, and to support the development of an audit and certification program for enterprise, among others.

It sounds like a big order, and everyone of those who have pledged, or will pledge in response to the invitation of the initiators, should also pray fervently that the spirit will continue to survive and affect more and more, like the widening of a whirlpool. Because this seems to be our last hope for a real, doable and effective method of crushing the tentacles of corruption that have entangled practically every aspect of business and interactions in our society today.

As mentioned earlier, this sounds like a big order, but it can be attainable if those who participate are serious and sincere. After all, we all believe something must be done, so we have to start somewhere.*




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