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Mapping Corruption and Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare

Posted: 2011-05-12
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mapping-corruption_photo001.jpgOn May 10, 2011, the Zuellig Center for Asian Business Transformation and Hills Program co-sponsored a thought forum on Mapping Corruption and Ethical Dilemmas in Health Care. The forum brought together approximately 22 medical and health professionals to discuss corruption vulnerabilities in the Philippine health system. The event was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Guest speakers were Dr. Soe Nyunt-U, Representative to the Philippines of World Health Organization, Dr. David Lozada, Undersecretary of Health, Department of Health; Dr. Suzette Lazo, Director of Food and Drugs Administration; Dr. Christopher James, Technical Officer – Macroeconomics and Health of the World Health Organization Western Pacific Region; Mr. Reiner Gloor, Ethics Committee Chair of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association of the Philippines; and Dr. Madeleine de Rosas-Valera, Technical Officer – Patient Safety of the World Health Organization Western Pacific Region.

Click here to download the Program Agenda.

mapping-corruption_photo01.jpg mapping-corruption_photo02.jpg mapping-corruption_photo03.jpg
Welcome Remarks by Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go, Executive Director of AIM Zuellig Center for Asian Business Keynote Address by Dr. Soe Nyunt-U of World Health Organization Dr. David Lozada, Department of Health
mapping-corruption_photo04.jpg mapping-corruption_photo05.jpg mapping-corruption_photo06.jpg
Dr. Suzette Lazo, Food and Drugs Administration Dr. Christopher James, World Health Organization Western Pacific Region Mr. Reiner Gloor, Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association of the Philippines
mapping-corruption_photo07.jpg mapping-corruption_photo08.jpg mapping-corruption_photo09.jpg
Dr. Madeleine de Rosas-Valera, World Health Organization Western Pacific Region Closing Remarks by Atty. Angela G. Garcia, Executive Director of AIM Hills Program on Governance  

Attendees of the Thought Forum:

mapping-corruption_photo11.jpg mapping-corruption_photo12.jpg mapping-corruption_photo13.jpg
mapping-corruption_photo14.jpg mapping-corruption_photo15.jpg  
mapping-corruption_photo16.jpg mapping-corruption_photo17.jpg mapping-corruption_photo18.jpg
Dr. Soe Nyunt-U and Dr. Christopher James Dr. Arthur Catli, Pasig City Medical Society, Dr. Kenneth Haritgan-Go, Atty. Angela G. Garcia and Dr. David Lozada Mr. Reiner Gloor, Mr. Francisco Billano, Interphil Laboratories, Inc. and Ms. Ma. Corazon Consunji, Cardinal Santos Medical Center
mapping-corruption_photo19.jpg mapping-corruption_photo20.jpg mapping-corruption_photo21.jpg
Ms. Mery Fabros, Social Watch Health Cluster and Ms. Marcia Miranda, Punla sa Tao Foundation, Inc. Dr. David Lozada Dr. Soe Nyunt-U, Dr. Christopher James and Atty. Ritchey Parenas, PhilHealth
mapping-corruption_photo22.jpg mapping-corruption_photo23.jpg mapping-corruption_photo24.jpg
Mr. Reiner Gloor and Mr. Francisco R. Billano Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go, Atty. Angela G. Garcia and Dr. Anthony Faraon, Zuellig Family Foundation Dr. Soe Nyunt-U
mapping-corruption_photo25.jpg mapping-corruption_photo26.jpg  
Mr. Francisco Billano and Ms. Ma. Corazon Consunji Executive Directors of the two Research Centers: Atty. Angela G. Garcia and
Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go



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