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PNoy urges traders, public to help promote integrity in governance

Posted: 2011-09-14
Category: In the News

gma-news.jpgBoasting the result of his administration’s effort toward transparency in the government, President Benigno Aquino III on Wednesday urged businessmen and the public to take a more active role in governance and promote integrity.


Self-interest - it's all there is

Posted: 2011-08-29
Category: In the News

Given the structure of corporations, especially those which are publicly listed, it is imperative that the welfare of stockholders is safe-guraded. This requires a proactive board of directors effectively overseeing and managing the firm.


Corporate governance compliance tepid

Posted: 2011-07-08
Category: In the News

the-manila-times.jpgTHE country’s top listed companies are merely complying with the requirement of the Securities and Exchange Commission on the minimum number of independent directors, a study released Thursday said.


SEC readying Securities Code amendments to improve governance

Posted: 2011-07-08
Category: In the News

abs-cbn-news.jpgMANILA, Philippines - The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says it’s preparing to propose amendments to the Securities Regulation Code, particularly regarding independent directors, to improve protection for minority shareholders.


Men continue to dominate PHL's Top 100 companies – report

Posted: 2011-07-07
Category: In the News

gma-news.jpgDespite improvements in the past years, men continue to dominate the Philippines' Top 100 companies, according to a report on corporate governance released Thursday.


More independent execs needed?

Posted: 2011-07-07
Category: In the News

business-world.jpgTOP LISTED companies in the local bourse have just met the bare minimum in terms of fielding two independent directors to protect shareholder interest, an Asian Institute of Management survey of the 100 largest firms found.



SEC approves PSE unit spin-off

Posted: 2011-07-07
Category: In the News

business-mirror.jpgTHE Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is set to allow the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) to spin off its broker regulatory function by the end of this month or in August.



Anti-corruption agencies

Posted: 2011-05-28
Category: In the News

philstar.jpgInstead of our usual column, may I share with you excerpts of a talk that I delivered during a Hills Governance Center symposium at the Asian Institute of Management regarding “The Fundamentals of an Effective Anti-Corruption Agency”.


On the corruption problem

Posted: 2011-05-12
Category: In the News

business-world.jpgPolitical science professor Michael Johnston writes, "If people do not trust each other, their leaders, or their institutions, they are unlikely to act against corruption through rhe political system."


Private firms join ‘integrity’ bandwagon

Posted: 2011-05-10
Category: In the News

MANILA, Philippines? Close to 500 local companies have signed the Integrity Pledge, a multi-organization initiative that aims to elevate integrity standards in doing business and help eradicate corruption.


Ombudsman needs more powers, bigger budget

Posted: 2011-05-08
Category: In the News

MANILA, Philippines — President Aquino can always appoint a credible and efficient Ombudsman, but his effort will only bear fruit with the help of Congress and the judiciary, among others.


Stepping up trade and competitiveness

Posted: 2011-04-14
Category: In the News

It appears we are indeed stepping up trade and competitiveness, building on the Aquino administration’s investment-led economic growth agenda.


People power against corruption

Posted: 2011-04-09
Category: In the News

THE INQUIRER of March 29, 2011 carried the results of two, seemingly unrelated, surveys.


New website to fight corruption launched

Posted: 2011-02-05
Category: In the News

sunday-punch.jpgBUSINESS owners in Pangasinan — big, medium or small — can help in the fight against corruption in government by logging on to newly-launched website


MAPping a culture of integrity

Posted: 2011-01-30
Category: In the News

THIS gathering is an international, interdisciplinary, inter-faith, and public, private, and civil society leaders.


Is this the answer?

Posted: 2011-01-21
Category: In the News

A national daily yesterday carried a one-page announcement headed “Businesses Fighting Corruption” that included a list of 343 entities said to be signatories and supporters of the drive spearheaded by a program of the Asian Institute of Management.


Private sector corruption

Posted: 2011-01-15
Category: In the News

ASK ANY gathering of Filipinos what's wrong with our country, and corruption surely tops the list.


Christmas Chimes, Christmas 'Tong'

Posted: 2010-12-11
Category: In the News

IN THE Philippines, Christmas carols begin to play in September. Unfortunately, in some sectors, Christmas bells bring more alarm than anticipation: the taxmen and sundry collection agencies cometh.


AIM Launches Anti-Corruption Book

Posted: 2010-11-25
Category: In the News

The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Hills Program on Governance and the Asia Foundation has launched a book entitled "Political and Social Foundations for Reform: Anti-Corruption Strategies for the Philippines.


Conglomerate Control Top 100 List Companies

Posted: 2010-07-20
Category: In the News

Conglomerates account for most of the revenues of the country's top 100 publicly listed companies, and they are concentrated in a narrow range of industries, according to a new study released recently by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).


Hiring Independent Directors Not Enough, Listed Firms Told

Posted: 2010-07-15
Category: In the News

Corporate Governance among the country's top listed firms has improved considerably but more pressing issues such as high ownnership concentration need to be addressed, a study released yesterday said.


Business Fighting Corruption

Posted: 2010-07-10
Category: In the News

WHILE IT WAS “WALANG WANG-WANG” THAT resonated best with most of us, I think the statement of President Noynoy Aquino in his inaugural address that did most to define his administration was his declaration that there can be no reconciliation without justice.

4 types of sleaze: RP has them all

Posted: 2010-02-19
Category: In the News

Malacañang insists that departing President Arroyo can and will appoint the next Chief Justice despite the Constitutional ban.